Last Words

from by Fast Food Society



Separation of the powers that be:
Trias politica, allegedly.
Executioner, judge and jury,
state-backed homicide with total impunity!

The book of law apparently "clearly" states:
He who wields toys should be shot; shot just in case.
Just a victim of the officer's emotional fate:
An innocent kid guilty of race.
Someone's child lays face-down dead on the scene,
the un-indictable warrior-cop's daily routine.
Every 28 hours it starts all over again,
strangely enough... mostly towards black men.

Institutional racism is solely maintained
by the militarised arm of the state,
born on genocide, raised through slavery,
the prevailing order continues its supremacist legacy.

To them we are "probable cause";
inmates in their up-beat police state.
Nowhere to run or left to hide,
free to chose your own last words.


from Nuking Candyland, released July 21, 2017




Fast Food Society Palma, Spain

Anti-globalist, pro-feminist, post-speciest, pre-anarchist, punk-rock five piece from within the spanish state (h̶o̶l̶y̶ ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶, that was a mouthful!).

Described as both "I don't really feel like listening to that band" and "Huh. Sweet." by professional music journalists.
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