Hijacking Hijab

from by Fast Food Society



We generalise through the victim's eyes
an entire race based on social group-think,
but don't mistake culture with ethnicity
nor collateral with complicity of
witch-burning, dehumanising someone's son not unlike yourself.

Dissent! From religion and racist agendas.
Enraged! Doesn't rob us of making distinction.

From inquisition to crusades,
to Guantanamo and Iraq.
Wouldn't you be desperate too?
"Nah bro, towel-heads are the new reds, you get me?"

Expressions of our collective liberty
in indefinite crisis in western society.
Teleological belief
that we were put here upon this earth
to take dominion of fellow human beings.
Denial of reality!

Myths that don't fit facts and historical truths.
Cultivate! Tolerance, understanding and respect.
Dissent! From religion and racist agendas.
Enraged! Doesn’t rob us of making distinction.

What are your excuses now?


from Nuking Candyland, released July 21, 2017




Fast Food Society Palma, Spain

Anti-globalist, pro-feminist, post-speciest, pre-anarchist, punk-rock five piece from within the spanish state (h̶o̶l̶y̶ ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶, that was a mouthful!).

Described as both "I don't really feel like listening to that band" and "Huh. Sweet." by professional music journalists.
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